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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  November 19, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm CST

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>>wild weather out east and it's only november! snow stacked so high residents can't leave their homes. good afternoon. i'm steve sanders. and i'm dina bair. we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web.
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our top story that dangerous dose of winter hitting parts of the u-s. an official in buffalo, new york says the storm hitting that area is like a knife that went right through the heart of erie county. buffalo is buried under six feet of snow and counting. and buffalo's's not alone about half of the country had snow on the ground yesterday. at least six people have been killed in the storm. among most recent victims is a man in alden, new york, who was found dead in a car buried in more than 12 feet of snow. tuesday's average low temperature for the lower 48 states was 19 -point -four degrees.. making it the coldest november morning since 1976. new york state troopers rescued the niagara university women's basketball team early today. after the team bus got stuck in t ro g prg the niagara players and their co sat on the side of a highway in a snowstorm. unable to move for more than 24 hours.
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the coach says the roads were not plowed and for hours the snow was coming down so hard that they couldn't see an but ed ton haveh >> tel of other people and vehicles alone running out of gas going into cardiac arrest. we were warm had a lot of gas. we had a bus driver was, collected and cool. keeping the bus going and keeping the windshield's clean. >>the snow also forced authorities to close a 105-mile stretch of i-90. the new york state thruway in both directions.. from the rochester area to dunkirk, about 35 southwest of buffalo. >>new details about a police chase in the south suburbs that ended when the suspects' vehicle crashed into a house. the s-u-v was reported stolen in chicago and police say it was used during a robbery at a gas station in alsip. this is a picture of the s-u-v after
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crashing into a home near 121st and lockwood early this morning. police say the s-u-v was trying to get away from officers and was speeding as it took a turn... and lost control. it left a gaping hole in the living room. homeowners actually talked to the suspects immediately after the crash. >> he heard a crash. we were all in bed. cassava truck there. i saw the truck there. >> asked them if there were ok. we have our dogs and then we all ran. by the time we got up there they were gone. >>the suspects were quickly taken into custody and no one was injured. the s-u-v damaged a gas meter and servic was tempil off to three homes. the case is being investigated by police in alsip and chicago. charges are still pending. >>five young children and two adults were injured when a van crashed into a tree and burst into flames in jackson park. the mercury villager was westbound on marquette drive, just west of lake
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shore drive, when the driver lost control, just before midnight. the van was completely gutted but everyone was out by the time emergency crews arrived. all of the injuries are said to be critical or serious but they're not believed to be life-threatening. >>a preliminary report on the cause of the small plane crash near midway airport is expected in about a week. the flight went down into the rolinskas' home at 65th and knox early yesterday morning as the elderly couple slept. the plane came to a stop just eight inches from the husband and wife. the pilot, 47 year- old eric quentin howlett, died. his plane began having left engine problems shortly after taking off from midway bound for ohio state university. the wreckage is now gone from the scene. >>we are getting our first look at surveillance video of a deadly police shooting that took place earlier this month inside a hospital in highland park. the video shows the deadly confrontation between police and christopher anderson. he was in the emergency room of northshore highland park htal on no 3 afternd daughter werenjn a crash. anderson pulled a
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gun after he reportedly became upset with the care they were getting. officers are heard telling him to drop the gun several times and then they fired nine shots in less than two seconds, killing anderson. prosecutors have ruled that the shooting was justified. the fire that destroyed an historic building in lincoln park yesterday, re- ignited this morning. the 114-year-old building, at sheffield and willow, once housed the mulligan school. it was several months into a redevelopment project. the developer had to hire guard dogs, because people frequently broke in and vandalized the place. no one was injured and the cause is still unknown. >> chicagoans and city visitors could be paying higher fees to cover the next budget but little is being done to address the huge pension costs due in 20-15. w-g-n's nancy loo is live at city hall where aldermen are expected to approve mayor emanuel's budget proposal. >> one of the
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things that brings fear to the hearts of most politicians to words, property tax. >> talk to them about raising revenue by raising property taxes and they will turn and go the other way. they did not like the idea of doing it that way. during the time of it need for increased revenue and have to be very creative trying to avoid that >> read it> the last year of us trying to find other ways to to the taxes. >> the next thing they fear is a lot of talk about nickel-and-diming. >> >> that is what is happening. the mayor has proposed their approving a series of small taxes. >> chicagoans will
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pay more for everything from parking to vehicle leasing to cable television and recreational activities related to skyboxes. there'll be increases on water and sewer fees. all of this will add up to $62.4 million in revenue. needed to run the city. >> all the men are swallowing haraldermen are swallowing hard. >> that has been mediated and released. >> at the end of the day we have to find a credible solution that everyone can live with and that spreads across to people who can afford it the most. >> parking and tax hikes and 18-20% on weekends he know probably the most distasteful. >>
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>> and just have to continue to take a look at those things. >> all the men are being very careful. something they may even consider because many say it is the feeling is to level the playing field. meeting for the fall veto session. they could consider raising the minimum wage to $10 and more. governor- elect does not want that lesson comes with some reforms.
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state lawmakers to also impose tougher rules. some decisions may wait until january. more than two weeks after the election republican tom cross has conceded to democrat and narrow lead in the days after the balloting. released a statement just a short time ago saying he congratulated him on a hard-fought victory. served the house minority. the university of illinois has named a new president. timothy killeen was introduced this morning as the university's next presiden prt the state university of new york's research foundation since 20-12...
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killeen will be the 20-th president in u-of-i's history. he'll oversee the university system's three campuses, as well as its hospital iagences d of today's isa archbishop blase cupich's first day on the job as head of the chicago catholic archdiocese. he presided this morning at a prayer service at holy name cathedra that's where wgn's julian crews joins us live. julian? >> inviting nuns brothers and priests from various religious orders to join in here at holy name cathedral for song and prayer. >> my feel very much at home. visiting with the religious men and women. >> those who belong to various communities. because my life has been in many ways is shaped by your own witness and service in the
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life of the church. >> own with men and women involved. today's prayer service at holy name in contrast to yesterday's ceremony of the installation. a more low-key and to the affair. >> spoke darkly to the community and a 15 minute homily. the archbishop talked about his beginnings and how as a young man he was deeply affected by the catholic nuns. >> i could still name of the eight sisters. it taught me in grade school and low and behold one of the sisters said all right name them. >> and was
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fantastic. the singing is very good. >> we look forward to meeting him. every time we can. >> he is a clear love for the poor. >> he says he hopes to work with the archbishop runcie settles and. >> at holy name cathedral >> preparations continue in ferguson misery. a comedy special featuring bill cosby canceled after another woman claimed she sexually assaulting her moments ago.
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>> she was supposed to compete in the >> she was supposed to compete in the world pageant.a1 im
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>> the president will announce executive action on immigration during a prime-time address tomorrow night. the announcement will be followed by an event
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in las vegas. details of not been made public. president is expected to say the united states will defer deportation for the parents of u.s. citizens. the move will affect up to 3.5 million people. >>the bodies of a missing beauty queen and her sister have been found. the reigning miss honduras, maria jose alvarado, and her sister sofia went missing thursday night. after they left a birthday party for sofia's boyfriend. their bodies were boyfriend m. he ane other ce are behe the old aldo was suppy to london yeste to in miss t. >>protest groups are getting ready for the grand jury ruling in the michael brown shooting. releasing today over 50 locations where demonstrations may take place after the decision is announced. local prosecutors suggested that the decision on whether to indict fe
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ceer hih. e wae be ntot andd byext pro protest groups are already stocking up and staying organized through social media. some even have registries, so supporters can buy them supplies like surgical masks, cameras, and goggles. two school districts in the area have pre- planned homework for students to complete in the event the grand jury announcement forces schools to cancel classes. the districts asked teachers to come up with homework sufficient for one to two days of school. guns continue to be a hot seller in the saint louis area. one gun shop, near ferguson, says it has sold 250 weapons this week. that's an increase of 700-percent. the owner says his buyers are all afraid of what could happen when the grand jury ruling is announced. >>rape allegations are mounting against 77-year-old bill cosby. now super model janice dickisnon told "entertainment tonight" that she was sexually assaulted after having dinner with cosby in 19-82. she says cosby gave her a pill and a glass of wine. the next morning, she woke up naked and in pain. she also says she
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tried to write about it in her 20-02 autobiography, but his lawyers pressured her to remove the details. cosby's attorney says the allegation is a complete lie. netflix is postponing the launch of bill cosby's standup comeci sb d totall prre day after thanks.. t more allegations of sexual assault coming to light, netflix pulled the plug. no comment from nbc. al sharpton owes several million dollars in current state and federal taxes. the new york times says the civil rights leader and cable news ht owes ur a the report also claims sharpton's nonprofit advocacy organization, national action network, is missing payments to hotels, landlords and travel agencies. sharpton says he's paying back the money. >>next how the senate voted on limiting surveillance powers of the n-s-a
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>>and, still to come this midday federal reglators push for a nation- wide recall of defects. >>and later in lunchbreak we're in the kitchen with the folks from "current", an italian-inspired restaurant. making a salad featuring flavorful seasonal ingredients.
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the national highway traffic safety administration jar en ag recallo on initially, "takata's" recall was limited to two states and two territories that have humid climates. a larger recall could affect hiit ms pln andeey can ju evenbris, killing e driver . p al at
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the federal agency is scheduled to testify about the cahi on res of takata will also be on-hand. at least five deaths have been linked to the defect. a new autopsy shows an exploding airbag killed a woman in a car accident in florida. the victim plowed into another vehicle io sent, a the pno her body. further investigation showed there were several tears in the airbag, and there were many pieces of metal still inside. more than 14 million vehicles from 11 automakers have been ll worldde e ve nc t >>the keystone oil pipeline bill has failed in the senate. the bill fell just one vote short of the 60 needed to get it to president obama's desk. the pipeline would transport more than 800-thousand barrels of oil a day from canadae gulf sud it would ea jobs andu energy dependence, while opponents were concerned about its impact on the environment. the bill is expected to come up again next year, when republicans take control of the senate. >>the national
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security agency will get to keep collecting bulk data from phone calls by private citizens. an effort in the senate to limit n- s-a snooping, fell two votes short of advancing. supporters of the legislation say it would protect people's privacy, art opponents hurt the fight against terrorism. >>next the cubs meet with their top free agent target. but it's the sox who got better yesterday and theyre also thinking of sending their starting shortstop to the west coast. >>and, live music this midday from breakout artist, singer-songwriter lera lynn. her new album the avenues is out now. >> [music]
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>>time for sports. the cubs are in pursuit of one of the top free agent pitchers in the leag. sources say jon lester visted wrigley field yesterday, but the cubs reportedly have competition from atlanta and st. louis. the white sox made the first move of the off- season by signing left- handed reliever zach duke. and they might not be done there. "u-s-a today"
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reports the dodgers are "aggressively pursuing" shortstop alexei ramirez. he had a bounce- back year at the plate and won a "silver slugger" award. g-m rick hahn admits he would at least listen to an offer. >> we are not looking to move any of them without feeling very good. depaul looking to stay undefeated against drake. off to a good start. tommy hamilton turns a steal into a fastbreak and lobs it to mike henry for the dunk. part of an 18-4 run. blue demons still up big later in the half. it's henry g nd of13s.ior a depa five ay doublere w 80- 62 ay doublere w 80- 62
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>> we really should come ourselves fortunate. when you see the snow on the other side of a lake. the snow is localized. i heard from somebody out in buffalo york. they say they did not have school today. but the snow on the campus was only 3-4 in.. nearby goes up to 65 in.. on the other side of the lake here in michigan closer to home. big snowfall in the area. it is interesting everybody has a reaction to this early onset of winter weather. i thought the little clause here was interesting. this is his depiction of
12:31 pm
our weather. >> that is a good one. there really is. michelle kennedy checks in from michigan. it is like going down a tunnel. that is way up in michigan >> snow piled up. it is not as buffalo or western york getting in on this. >> i think you guys have to see the spirit she moved there and his family there. chia's been reading about the cold. a little concerned about it. says it is nice and warm up theirs.out there. she proved a proposal is for missions. speaking of beauty and cold weather, lookit this intricate crystal pattern. you can
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find a silver lining to the gray clouds of times. it has been an interesting bit. of the sun and clouds mixed. we thought mike and a dusting of snow but that has passed us by. although flurries are coming in now. morning snowfall has passed us by. this will not surprise you. we have checked the record books the last seven days of average 22.4 degrees. that should be up around 40 degrees. that means november 12th to the 18th the seven day just completed. the cold as such. on the books going back to 1871. we're showing you daily high temperatures.
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yesterday alone was 25 degrees below normal. with the daily deficits. pretty interesting to have a string of the low normal day is like that. " there is on the march again. piquancy the slope of colder air rotating south word. there has been a little warninwarming. they're going away for the time being. the wind still in the northwest. hear the wind and temperature is accompanying this " self. here's another one. the least we're putting this on the record books. 180 consecutive hours as of 12 moon below freezing that is the most consecutive subfreezing hours we as head in a december or in november on record since records started here. >> last time we had a string close to it was 1903.
12:34 pm
>> temperatures flirting with the freezing mark. >> gusty wind blowing the cold air back into the area. >> you concede this proliferation of small showers and four areas. heaviest down wind. >> here is what is interesting. there is a win the weekend warm upcoming that is really going to take temperatures. >> it could be near 50 degrees by sunday. a plate storm to spend up to the midsection of the country. here's what it will do with the arctic will there. >> is going to pull back north again. a
12:35 pm
buckle in the jet stream. >> the low pressure center will track up through illinois on sunday. some pretty healthy rain. >> transitioning from the cold to warm air might be in my seat. friday night. there is the current state of affairs with the lake effect snowfall. as a cycle three-time all of the great lakes keep feeding like snow in there. >> the members from michigan are not shabby. tailored michigan has had 20 in. of snowfall last few days. >> there is a view. these are weather but the camera pictures right up to the moment from fremont michigan. look at the snowfall piling up here.
12:36 pm
we're watching that accumulating snow grow. there is the snow pack. >> to show you how this varies yesterday 50 percent of the country covered by snow fall. to show how this varies from day to day little bit of warming. >> that is multiples of last year's 9 percent coverage. these numbers vary from time to time >> and on several the cold air will really eyecup to members. >> kind of bobbling between big and small numbers during the course of the winter coming up. mostly cloudy. light snow in florida still possible. the dodgers will hold where they are. >> may come back a little bit as the afternoon moves on.
12:37 pm
sunshine and cold of the high of 23. the transition to warmer air begins. increasing cloudiness during the day. maybe a little light rain and freezing rain. >> sunday warms into the '40's. may be near 50 is not on sunday. an inch of rain possible this weekend. >> we will take what we can get. we cannot have it all. >> another storm toward thanksgiving. an active pat and setting up. >> someone in the midwest may get something like that. these are the systems that used
12:38 pm
are watching for now. we will see. >> 272 words? 314 in now. we will see. >> 272 words? 314 in more thana1 im
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winning tickets. >> pick4 8-8-5-9 fireball 8 now it is time for lucky day lotto. 300,000 32- 44-33-38-27
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lucky day lotto. hope you have a great day. good luck with those great day. good luck with those games.xkç
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>> one person that has reportedly been shot. we have reports from away. we'll bring you more details. >> many people say the fear of gaining weight is the biggest obstacle keeping them from quitting smoking. but a new study finds gaining a few pounds is still better than smoking. researchers in japan followed more than 4-thousand quitters and smokers for 15- years. compared to people who continued smoking. the risk of dying over the study period was 49- percent lower among those who gained no more than five- pounds. the finding were presented this week at the annual meeting of the american heart association here in chicago. looking down to check your texts could put a dangerous amount of pressure on your back. a new study in the journal surgical technology international shows
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bending your head at a 60-degree angle to send and receive text messages. puts 60 pounds of pressure on your cervical spine. that's the part of your spine above the shoulders. since people spend an average of 2 to 4 hours a day looking down to text, all that extra weight adds up. researchers say the loss of the natural curve of the cervical spine. may lead to early degeneration and possible surgeries. >> one item in the >> one item in the salad you do not see very oftena1 salad you do not see
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the executive chef is here. thank you so much for coming in. >> your cooking up a big feast and you still have reservations. we are open from 11:00 a.m.. >> to do not to cook at home and want to have something fabulous. >> and bomb to make a salad with pomegranate >>. this is a very easy very healthy seasonal thanksgiving salad or side dish. >> with the salad we're putting a focus on too late season fall fruits. a lot of people do
12:51 pm
not know what they are. >> they're considered a barry. the flavor profile. the texture can range from anywhere to very crisp to very soft depending on how long you let them sit for. >> depends what your applications. a little bit on the on right side. >> a softer texture. >> how we're going to cut up a little bit. this is one of my favorite fruits. >> that is nice.
12:52 pm
we're going to toss these into our goal here. >> next we of pomegranate. >> very high and antioxidants. everybody knows pomegranate juice is very popular. a lot of people are intimidated by the pomegranate. seeds are hard to get out. they can be a little messy. what i always encourage everyone to do, use the towel and put it on to your cutting board. >> will we do at the restaurant is we are going to turn this upside down and grabbed a metal spoon. we'll give it a couple squeezes. >> look at that. instead of having to dig them up. i love that. >> and you're going
12:53 pm
to set these aside. we're going to move bomb. >> it is wonderful because you have a great fall colors. >> lot going on here. a little bit of sweet and salty. >> a little bit of lettuce here. you can use substitute remain if you wish. >> a little bit of red on in here. >> such a good sharp knife. you're only as sharp as a knife as they say. >> little bit of basil here. >> mere going to go ahead and season. just at the last minute.
12:54 pm
>> the finished product looks delicious. a little olive oil on there. a little balsamic vinegar. >> what a wonderful recipe. thank you so much. >> the restaurant is at 644 north lake shore drive. >> will have today's recipe on our web site. recipe on our web site.
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i have a cold. i took nyquil but i'm still stuffed up. nyquil cold and flu liquid gels don't unstuff your nose. really? alka-seltzer plus night rushes relief to eight symptoms of a full blown cold including your stuffy nose. (breath of relief) oh, what a relief it is. thanks. anytime. here are our temperatures. >> tom dodgers resume doesn't reinforce and chilly air comes in. >> will keep temperatures a little >> snow's continue downwind of the
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lake. we have some snow flurries coming in to chicago as well. >> ebay the late autumn storm spends up to the central united states. >> that is going to shift at strains. we're going to go from the polar jet and to a very stormy pattern. >> the cold seeps back in next week. at that point another storm comes in. here's attend a forecast. will show you the two storms. >> strong wind blowing from the south. that goes by. watched the next warm develop. this comes in post thanksgiving. >> the track of that
12:58 pm
thing as suspicious. a kind of track that puts their reigns close to you. getting into the time of year when you start worrying about all of that. a lot to talk about next week. >> >> cooler moderately so next week. maybe some light mixed precipitation friday night. >>moer music from night. >>moer music from lera
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in the criminal justice system the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups: the police, who investigate crime and the district attorneys, who prosecute the offenders. these are their stories. but i have a guaranteed reservation for a suite. i'm sorry, sir, but as of midnight the computers moved your suite into the pool of assignable rooms. i called from the plane. ron, please! this isn't helping anybody! don't you start on me. just let me deal with this gentleman. excuse me, sir. can i help you? i thought he was drunk. we get all kinds wandering in here at this hour of the morning. maybe he wandered in from your bar. no. he was coming from upstairs. how much longer is this going to take? our guests are quite sensitive to this kind of thing. yeah, especially this guest. in his pocket. no i.d., no wallet. any way to find out what room this belongs to?


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